Legendary Services & Business Support

Bluebird Solutions Inc. of Houston, TX is a B2B solutions provider implementing logistics solutions and supply chain management on a national scale.

Assets Management

Bluebird maintains secure custody of all entrusted customer goods up-to and including intellectual property.

Supply Chain Planning

Bluebird takes steps to minimize the gap between planning and execution by making sure all planners have access to relevant information.

Info Management

Bluebird controls, evaluates and publishes timely information that enables our clients to meet their business objectives.


Bluebird sources goods and services at the best possible cost to meet the needs of its clients including quality, quantity, time and location.

Logistics Management

As the supply chain manager for our clients Bluebird deploys automation and expertise that delivers end to end solutions from the procurement of raw material to the distribution of finished goods including return merchandise service wherever necessary.

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